Cleanroom mops are designed for cleaning and disinfecting ceilings, floors, walls and hard-to-reach small environments such as biosafety cabinets and isolators. Available in various shapes, forms and materials, mops are integral to a comprehensive cleanroom solution for your customers.

Flat Mop Covers

Polyester / Microfiber / Non-Woven

All of our flat mop covers are constructed of multiple layers of various fabrics ranging from cleanroom laundered polyester knit, microfiber terry, to non-woven polyester felt. They are all made specifically for use with each individual client’s mop system.

• Material: Polyester, microfiber, non-woven
• Construction/size: Custom-made
• Packaging: Individually packed, stacked
• Chemical and abrasion resistant
• Highly absorbent
• Low levels of particles and extractables
• Lot to lot traceable
• Ideal for cleaning floors, walls, ceilings and other large surfaces
Recommended for ISO Class 5 and above environments