Delivering products to be proud of

We have our sights set on becoming a global leader in developing, designing, and manufacturing products for critical surfaces and controlled environments. From our headquarters in Hong Kong, we work with industry leaders across the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, microelectronics, aerospace, food and beverage, healthcare, and biotechnology sectors to design, produce, and provide OEM products that deliver superior performance, exceptional quality, seamless usage, and economical solutions.

Over 20 years of R&D and manufacturing has strengthened our trusted reputation, and our drive to innovate keeps us at the forefront of quality assurance. To fulfil future needs, we continue to develop our capacity for innovation, and create new high-quality solutions.

The Maxons network is international, and we have multiple production sites in Guangdong, China and northern Vietnam. Each complex consists entirely of interconnected cleanrooms and controlled areas, where all manufacturing is completed within an end-to-end integrated production system. These seamless processes are fundamental to what we do, allowing us to accurately monitor the entire production process, ensuring quality and passing cost savings on to our customers.