Sole Cleaning

Sole cleaning is essential to prevent dirt and contaminants from being carried into controlled environments by foot and wheeled traffic. Our Intelligent Sole Cleaning Machine (ISCM) and sticky mats, each with its own characteristics and features, offer a wide range of possibilities to suit every entrance requirement and budget.

Sticky Rollers

Self-Adhesive PE Film Multi-Layered

Our sticky rollers are designed for effective cleaning of walls, floors, equipment and work surfaces in controlled environments. They are made of multiple layers of perforated polyethylene coated with acid free (pH 7) water-based acrylic adhesive rolled on a plastic core.

• Multiple layers of polyethylene
• Consistent adhesive coating on each layer
• Compatible with different surface materials
• Extremely easy to use

• Surface cleaning of irregular and hard-to-reach areas
• Easy removal of dirt and debris from different surfaces, including glass, plastic, metal, fabric etc.